Spotlight Friday: “Spirit Move”

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Spotlight Friday: “Spirit Move”

Spotlight Friday: “Spirit Move”

Hey guys!! Check out the video above! 🙂

Every Thursday, we like to offer you a glimpse into one of our courses at Rooted Music.

But today is our Spotlight Friday: “Spirit Come” by Bethel Music.

This song has some incredible dynamics! It starts with a lot of great textures, but settles into a groove quickly.

Guess what instrument is super-important for holding it all together?!

That’s right – the piano.

If you liked the video above, then let me tell you… our Worship Piano: Unlimited Tutorials course will blow you away!

In addition to all the great tutorial videos, you’ll also get chord charts for the songs, tips & tricks for playing the song just like the artists…

And if you have any questions at all about the songs, our team of coaches are available to help! That’s something our students love most about Rooted – easy access to coaches for help whenever they need it!

So if you’d like to get going with learning great songs like “Spirit Move” and others from some of today’s great worship artists, then join our Worship Piano: Unlimited Tutorials course below!

Chris & the Rooted Music Team