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At Rooted, our mission is to create a safe environment where students are able to gain an individually tailored, deeper musical understanding through purposeful teaching and community.

We love the platform you have allowed us to occupy in the life of your family. We always want to be about family as much as we are about music. Much of our focus comes as a result of how we began this business.


the beginning of RMC

A baby changes everything.

In September of 2012, my wife, Anna and I, found out we were pregnant with our 1st child, a baby girl. I was playing in a full-time band, traveling the country, but was beginning to feel the need to settle down and enter in to a more “local” source of employment.

Being on the road most of the time was not where I wanted to be with a baby coming. Five months later, in January 2013, we both decided it was best, for our family, for me to come off the road, away from traveling, and into the unknown.
We had no idea what we were supposed to do or where we were supposed to do it. At this point, Anna was 5 months pregnant, and I was without a consistent job. My fears were growing, but still felt and knew that God had something for us in the unknown.

the beginning of RMC

God was doing something.

The very month I stepped away from traveling, I began offering music lessons at Legacy Community Academy, where my wife was currently teaching Kindergarten. LCA was kind enough to allow me to walk in and begin offering piano and guitar lessons to any of their students who wanted to do so.

The response initially was not overwhelming. I think, the first month, I was teaching two students. After the second month, I think we may have been up to five or so. Despite the humble number of students early on, Anna and I both felt a huge peace about me teaching those students.

We felt like it was greater than what we could see, and that God was going to do something incredible, greater than anything we could have imagined.

Over the next several months, we began to see substantial growth. By the time our daughter, Emsleigh, was born in May, we were up to around twenty or so students and were getting more and more excited about what we were doing.

Our constant motif was that we needed to value the families of our students just as much as the music we were teaching. As we continued to make this a priority, we continued to see growth. Even over the course of the summer when students are normally taking time off, we experienced incredible growth.

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