Terms of Use

We are absolutely thrilled to begin coaching your student! At Rooted, our mission is to create a safe environment where students are able to gain an individually tailored, deeper musical understanding through purposeful teaching and community. As we effectively run Rooted, please take a look at some of our policies below.


Monthly Rates / Registration Fee

Monthly fees cover lessons only. However, we also offer many other activities and performance opportunities: two showcases, one in May and another in December recital in May as well as opportunities to serve local nursing homes throughout the year. We love being able to create opportunities for our students to lead others using their gifts as it develops so much in them from a musical stand point, but also from a leadershIp stand point.

A one-time registration fee of $50 per family will be assessed at registration, but never incurred again.

Monthly Lesson Rates:

For specific monthly lesson rates, please refer to the specific page for your RMC location. To find these pages, scroll to the top of this page, hover over the “Studio Lessons” tab, where you’ll see a drop down menu of locations appear. Click on your location and scroll down to fine your location’s monthly lesson rate!

**Please note a 3% processing fee will apply to all transactions**

Rates are based on a 4 week month. Once per quarter, there will be a month with five Mondays, Tuesdays, etc. We will only bill for four of those five lessons each and every month, providing a “built-in” make up lesson once per quarter for lessons eligible to be made up.

If you or your student does not have any make up time needed, we will proceed with the 5th lesson as a PAID lesson and will charge for that lesson as we get closer to the actual 5th lesson.  


Monthly Payments

Monthly fees are paid for the upcoming calendar month by automatic withdrawal. Upon registration, via our website, you will be asked to put in credit card or bank account information for monthly withdrawal. Monthly withdrawals will occur on the 1st of each month. Cards that are declined will need to be updated at your earliest convenience, as a fee of $10 will be added on to the monthly tuition if payment is not received by the 10th.


Missed Lessons

Some music schools and music stores do not offer makeup lessons for missed lessons. We do so as a courtesy to our students. We request that you provide us with 24 hours written notice (via email @ [email protected]) for missed lessons to gain eligibility for a makeup lesson.

Make-ups are scheduled at the convenience of the coach and student and are valid for three months from the date of the original missed lesson. Make up lessons may be split into incremental minutes spread over time or as time added on to existing scheduled lessons. Lessons can be “made up in advance” with sufficient notice and if mutually agreed by the student and coach.

Coaches are not required to make up lessons with less than the requested 24 hour notice. Missed make up lessons will not be made up. We do not honor makeup lessons when a student quits. No credits or refunds will be given for missed lessons with insufficient or no notice from the student. 

Coaches missing lessons are required to provide Rooted Music Coaching with seven (7) days written notice (via email @ [email protected]) and provide a substitute approved by Rooted if possible. If they fail to do so, then the coach must make up the missed lesson or Rooted will refund the cost of the lesson to the student. Any coach continually missing lessons will not work at Rooted, and Rooted will work with the student to find an acceptable replacement coach. 



Make up time will be scheduled accordingly per these closings:

Good Friday

Memorial Day

Fourth of July

Labor Day

Thanksgiving Break – November 23, 24, 25

Christmas Break – December 24 thru January 1


Summer Lessons

We offer lessons throughout the summer months (June & July). Students will keep the same time slots as they had during the school year, unless a change is specifically requested. If lessons are discontinued during the summer, there is no guarantee that the slot will still be available in August again.


Discontinuing Lessons

Lessons can be canceled at any time. Families will not receive any refund of payments previously made. For instance, if a student cancels on the 3rd and they’ve paid on the 1st already, no refund will be given. Though we will make every effort to work with students leaving Rooted and/or planning to return after a break, we cannot hold or guarantee lesson time slots for students discontinuing lessons for more than one month.


Should you have any questions about our fees and policies, please call or email the Director of your location. You can find their information by hovering over the “Contact” drop down menu tab at the top of the page and then clicking the specific location where you or your student takes lessons.