Spotlight Thursday: “O Come to the Altar”

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Spotlight Thursday: “O Come to the Altar”

But this time, we’re bringing the low end.

It’s Chris from Rooted!

Are you ready for this week’s Spotlight Thursday?!

It’s “O Come to the Altar” by Elevation Worship – on bass.

Check it out!

There’s something magical about playing just enough notes.

Not too many. Not too little.

That’s part of the reason why I really enjoy playing bass:

I don’t play tons of individual notes like keys players or guitarists…

But what I do play, everyone feels! 🙂

So if you’ve ever thought about playing an instrument that is less notes…

Less busyness (most of the time)…

But with the MOST impact (sonically & physically)…

Then I think you’d love learning bass.

Click here to learn more about our Bass Tutorials.

And if you’ve got questions about bass, or learning, or the Rooted Music Bass Tutorials course…

You can always reply to this email and ask us some questions!

Promise, we’ll respond. 🙂

Rooting for you,
Chris & the RMC Team