What Is the Best Instrument to Start Out On?

best instrument to start out on
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What Is the Best Instrument to Start Out On?

Whether you are a parent looking for the best first instrument for your child, or an adult who is ready to get started as a musician, you may be wondering what is the best instrument to start out on. Most experts agree that the piano is the ideal first instrument. Keep reading to learn why you should start with the piano. Also, find out how to move forward in your journey as a beginner musician.

Why Should You Begin with Piano?

Learning how to play the piano provides a solid foundation for musical education, especially for beginners. You’ll enjoy a valuable lesson in music theory along with a fast track to success early on in your practice. 

Beginning with piano also minimizes the frustration that typically comes with learning more complicated instruments like the guitar. Because a simple piano piece is easy to learn and sounds pleasant to the ears, the student gets immediate gratification and motivation to keep going. 

Other benefits to learning piano first include:

  • No need for frequent tuning
  • Easy to play well-known tunes right away
  • Beginning piano is easier on the ears than other instruments
  • Provides a good foundation for reading music that can extend to other instruments
  • Enhances coordination as the student learns to play with both hands
  • Helps the student develop an ear for pitch

How to Get Started with Piano

Beginning with a solid learning plan is the best way to launch your experience as a new pianist. Also, using a proven plan that has worked for others will ensure you are learning the skills in the right order. By learning in the right order you will maximize success and learning speed. 

For best results, choose a piano instructor or online guide who understands the unique needs of a beginning musician. The instructor should also offers a step-by-step system for helping you develop skills. The right foundational piano course can take you from a complete beginner to playing a beautiful song in six weeks or less. 

Choose Rooted Music Coaching to Learn Piano

At Rooted Music Coaching, our mission is to provide a safe, encouraging environment where students of all ages can learn to play an instrument. We recommend the piano for new music students. We can help you to develop a deep musical understanding that will inspire and motivate you as you learn.

Our easy-to-use online platform offers worship piano lessons that will take you or your child from never playing before to playing along with your favorite worship song within a few lessons. All of our courses come with professional support from our dedicated coaches to ensure you learn your best. 

If you would like to learn more about the best instrument to start out on or are ready to get started with a 30-day risk-free trial of our piano online training program, connect with Rooted Music Coaching online.