Are you thinking about getting started with online music lessons for yourself or your child this year? Now is a great time to choose online courses. When you select the right online music teaching program, you’ll get even more personalized support, enhanced accessibility, and proven lessons to help you maximize learning. 

Here are five reasons why you’ll be glad you began online music courses this year:

#1: Online Music Courses Are Affordable

In most cases, online music lessons will be far more affordable than working with a teacher in person. In addition to the reduced cost of the lessons, you’ll save money on gas and time driving. At Rooted Music Coaching, we offer a 30-day risk-free trial for our 100% online music lessons. Once the trial is over, our prices work for a variety of budgets.

#2: Learn at Your Own Pace

With a typical in-person music lesson, you will walk away and can’t review what you discussed with the teacher until the next scheduled class. With online courses, you have the freedom to review each lesson as many times as you like. This gives you the unique opportunity to learn at your own pace. You will also be able to take the same lesson multiple times if necessary to ensure you build a strong foundation.

#3: Learn from the Comfort and Safety of Home

Especially during this time of COVID, it’s more important than ever to have a safe way to enjoy music lessons. Online lessons provide the ultimate level of safety as you learn from the comfort of your own home—no need to wear masks or worry about being in a crowded building. 

#4: Benefit from an In-Depth Learning Experience

Online lessons through Rooted Music Coaching come with instructional videos, downloadable sheet music, flashcards, and practice charts, so you will have everything you need for the most effective and thorough learning experience. We also offer personalized coaching from teachers who care about helping you be successful. 

#5: Learn Songs You Love

It’s far more fun to learn songs you know and love than to practice on unfamiliar tunes. Rooted Music Coaching connects our students with tools and music to engage them and ensure they enjoy the process. We believe when you love the music you are playing, you’ll remain engaged and learning your best.

Get Started with Your Free Online Music Lesson Today

Whether you are looking for an online music plan you can follow for piano or guitar or prefer a live lesson, we have the package that’s right for you at Rooted Music Coaching. Connect with us online now to begin a free 30-day trial or to ask us questions as you consider online music lessons this year.

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Online Music Lessons This Year