Spotlight Thursday: “Who You Say I Am”

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Spotlight Thursday: “Who You Say I Am”

Spotlight Thursday: “Who You Say I Am”

Hey guys! Check out the video above!! 🙂

On Thursdays, we like to give you a small taste of what to expect when you join one of our courses at Rooted Music!

This week’s Spotlight Thursday is “Who You Say I Am” on Piano.

You know what’s so great about the piano on this song?

It’s simple enough that it’s not overwhelming to learn…

But it goes to show you how crucial a simple piano part is to the song!

Something we see a LOT of in the worship music industry is overplaying.

It’s cool to be classically trained and be able to play Chopin, don’t get me wrong.

But just because you can play some beautiful and complex melodies…

Doesn’t necessarily mean you should!

Ok, stepping off my tiny soapbox now… 🙂

If you liked the video above, then you’d love our Piano Tutorials course.

You can learn a lot of today’s great worship songs, like “Who You Say I Am” with videos, chord charts, and tips from our amazing coaches.

The best part? It’s $9/month! That’s a WHOLE LOT LESS than traditional lessons.

Check out Piano Tutorials here:

Chris & the Rooted Music Team

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