Spotlight Wednesday?! “Silent Night” by Lauren Daigle

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Spotlight Wednesday?! “Silent Night” by Lauren Daigle


Happy Spotlight Wednesday!! Check out the video above! 🙂

If you’re a Type-A person, this email might throw you off a bit. That’s because we usually send out Spotlight THURSDAY emails.

But tomorrow is a bit of a big deal. And we don’t want to take away from the “attitude of gratitude”, as they say (wow, do I sound like a dad right now!).

This week’s Spotlight Wednesday is “Silent Night” by Lauren Daigle.

Aside from the hauntingly beautiful voice Lauren has, I think the piano accompaniment is so masterfully done!

I think about sitting down at the family piano wherever we may gather this holiday season and playing this…

And slowly, your friends and family perk up their ears, because the music sounds familiar, but it’s different in the best way.

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