Spotlight Thursday: “Holy Spirit” by Jesus Culture!

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Spotlight Thursday: “Holy Spirit” by Jesus Culture!


Happy Thursday!! Check out the video above! 🙂

Every Thursday, we like to give you a taste of what you can expect when you join our Tutorials courses. This week, we’ve got another guitar tutorial to show you.

This week’s Spotlight Thursday is “Holy Spirit” by Jesus Culture.

There are two things I really like about this song.

The first is the invitation this song makes to the Holy Spirit. It’s one thing to believe the Holy Spirit is with us when we gather and worship… but it’s another thing to actually open our hearts and invite him to move among us.

The second thing I really like? The great guitar work from Jeffrey Kunde. His playing and his sound is a pure delight!

The video above is just a taste of what you can expect when you join our Guitar Tutorials course. We go in-depth with each song, and offer step-by-step progressions, along with expert guidance from our team of amazing coaches, and chord charts to keep you practicing wherever you go!

So if you’re looking to grow as a guitarist, or for a challenge as a seasoned player, then you’ve got to check out Rooted Music’s Guitar Tutorials course.

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