Spotlight Thursday: “Promises”

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Spotlight Thursday: “Promises”

Spotlight Thursday: “Promises”

Hey guys!! Check out the video above. 🙂

Each and every week, we love to show you a little more of what to expect when you join one of our courses at Rooted Music.

This week’s Spotlight Thursday just “hits different”, as the cool kids say…


Here is a Bass video of the song “Promises” by Maverick City Music.

What a great song! I just love Maverick City Music. It’s such honest, authentic worship music to me.

“Great is Your faithfulness to me.” That lyric is so simple, Biblical, and profound to me. So often, we forget about His faithfulness.

I’m gonna preach a little – I just can’t help it.

We hear these songs and sing them in church about God’s faithfulness…

But our world is RIDDLED with fear and anxiety.

Why do we worry so much if our God is faithful??

The same God who created you – fearfully and wonderfully made you!
(Ps. 139:14)

The same God who asks, “Where are you?” when you mess up & fear causes you to hide from Him.
(Gen. 3:9)

The same God who diligently, consistently guides you through the wildernesses you wander through.
(Exodus 13:21-22)

The same God who loved you so much, it cost Him His own Son. And despite your shortcomings – He still chose you!
(John 3:16)




Wow! I don’t know if you needed that today, but I did. And whether or not you play bass, I hope you enjoyed this week’s Spotlight video.

I know I mentioned it in the last email I sent, but we believe bass is a foundational instrument that is worth teaching!

That being said, we wanted to give you a really affordable on-ramp to learning bass. Why not try Rooted Music’s Bass Tutorials for 30 days for just $1??

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And whether you take us up on learning bass or not – be encouraged:

God is faithful.

If He brought you to whatever you’re facing, He is faithful to help see you through it!

A simple prayer for you today:

Father, thank You for Your faithfulness. You know what I’m worried about, and what I’m afraid of – even the things no one else knows about. Help remind me when I forget that You are with me; You love me; and You are faithful.


Chris & the Rooted Music Team