Spotlight Friday: “See a Victory”


Spotlight Friday: “See a Victory”

Spotlight Friday: “See a Victory”

Hey guys!! Check out the video above. 🙂

Every week, we like to offer a small taste of what to expect when you join one of our Tutorials courses.

This week’s spotlight Friday is “See a Victory” by Elevation Worship.

Before you’re tempted to scroll past this one, let me tell you:

This song made our keys coach WORK!

When we were recording the playdown video of this song (which you can see in our Unlimited Worship Piano Tutorials course), it took 4-5 takes just to get the song played down on video!

He’s a terrific player, so this says more about the level of what’s going on in this song!

Really cool octave parts in the right hand, combined with syncopated rhythms make this song a bit more complicated to learn…

But also a great challenge for anyone looking to develop their skills!

And that’s what our Piano Unlimited Tutorials course has: tons of great songs beginners can jump in and learn, but challenging videos that help veteran keys players get to the next level.

We think you should give it a shot! Here’s the link to learn more about it:

Chris & the Rooted Music Team