Spotlight Thursday: “Blessings” Guitar 🎸 Tutorial

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Spotlight Thursday: “Blessings” Guitar 🎸 Tutorial

Spotlight Thursday: “Blessings” Guitar 🎸 Tutorial

Hey guys! Check out the video above!! 🙂

Every week, we like to highlight a little taste of what to expect from the amazing courses available here at Rooted Music.

This week’s Spotlight Thursday is a guitar tutorial of the incredible song “Blessings” from Laura Story.

This song is definitely and “oldie but a goodie” as they say. 

If you’ve never read the story behind this song, I would highly encourage you to do so as it was written out of an extremely faith testing time in life for Laura and her family. 

The thing I love about this song is how much it reminds of the goodness of God even in the midst of trials. 

James 1:3 tells us that ” the testing of your (our) faith produces (or develops) perseverance.” This song is a such an incredible reminder of this promise and can help you and I put the troubles of this life in proper perspective. 

There are horizontal trials and difficulties that we deal with constantly that seek to “grab” our attention… We should not seek to diminish these in our own lives or especially in the lives of others. 

However, we do want to view them in the proper perspective of the vertical priorities we know and have devoted our lives to – the gospel of Jesus. 

I don’t know about you, but I certainly could use this reminder on a daily basis!

I hope you enjoy checking out some of what you might expect in our Worship Guitar Unlimited Tutorials course.

I might be biased, but I think our Guitar Tutorials course is by far the easiest, most convenient, and definitely the most affordable route to learning guitar!

And our team of coaches are readily available to personally help you if you get stuck or have questions! That’s what makes Rooted Music so special.

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Chris & the Rooted Music Team