Spotlight Friday: “Joy to the World”

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Spotlight Friday: “Joy to the World”

Spotlight Friday: “Joy to the World”

Hey Rooted Music Fam! Happy Friday! 🙂

‘Tis the season…for Chris Tomlin holiday remixes!

Seriously, Chris Tomlin is a great songwriter, artist, and worshiper who just happens to have a great ability to take classic hymns, add a chorus or bridge, and make it his own!

This week’s Spotlight Friday is no different. Here’s “Joy to the World” by Chris Tomlin

I’ve had the privilege of sharing the stage with Chris Tomlin, and he’s able to cover so much ground with just a guitar. Hopefully, you get a better sense of that with this tutorial.

Maybe you’ve thought about learning guitar…or someone in your family has?

Now is the PERFECT time to get access to our Guitar Tutorials course.

With kids coming up on Christmas break, lots of extra family time (hopefully), and celebrating the hope we have in Jesus…

Why not start learning guitar??

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Chris & the Rooted Music Team