Learn the Key of A on Piano {King of My Heart Tutorial}


Learn the Key of A on Piano {King of My Heart Tutorial}

If you have never learned your first worship song on Piano, this is a great time to get started!

Maybe the piano has been overwhelming to you…

The fact that there are 88 keys and you can never seem to remember where each one of them are.

Maybe, you feel like music just isn’t “in you”, like you weren’t “born with it”.

Maybe you’ve tried lessons before, and no matter how hard you tried, what your teacher was saying just sounded like gibberish.

Whatever the case may be, today is a new day!

And I promise you, what we go through today WILL make sense!

And even better, I will be walking you through how to play piano using one of the most common keys on Piano (the Key of A)…

And will be teaching you step by step how to play the song, “King of My Heart”…


This will take a bit of focus and attention on your end, but I can promise you, if you stick with me, you WILL be playing this song sooner than you think!

And maybe…

You’ll actually learn your FIRST worship today!!

How cool would that be???

So, do yourself a favor, get to a comfortable spot at your keyboard or piano, get your notebook out and get ready, because here we go!!