How to Create Guitar Leads {Lion and the Lamb Intro Tutorial}


How to Create Guitar Leads {Lion and the Lamb Intro Tutorial}

Have you ever wondered how Electric Guitar players write such amazing hooks?

Is it just something they come up with on the fly?

Is there a rhyme and reason behind a hook?

Sometimes just listening to a hook or lead line can be overwhelming.

So many notes being played so quickly, moving all over the neck, on any and all strings…

Well, fortunately, there is a format for each most guitar hooks!

Major scales, minor scales, pentatonic scales and others are used to create these lines and more importantly, to learn these lines.

Once you understand a particular scale, you then can begin to see exactly how a line is being played and WHY!

They WHY provides so much insight and understanding, which helps you learn more of these hooks down the road easier and more effectively!

It’s huge!!

Because it’s such an important piece of the puzzle, we decided to create a video, coaching you on how you can begin to better understand these lead lines or hooks.

One of our coaches, and amazing guitarist, Tucker Richmond is going to help us understand the lead line in the song, “Lion and the Lamb”!

You’ll learn how to play the lead line and learn the WHY behind it, which will help you learn many other hooks as well in other worship songs!

This is definitely one that you will not want to miss out on!

Get started understanding and playing more lead lines on guitar today!