Get Started Finger Picking 🎸


Get Started Finger Picking 🎸

Have you ever been at a concert, watching one of the guitar players, and wondered how in the world they could finger pick through the chord changes with such smoothness and ease?

Or maybe, you’ve just been playing with a friend and they started to play some incredible sounding melody by finger picking through some chords…

You might have even asked them how they do it.

More often than not, you know what their response will be?

“Oh, I don’t know, I just do it.”

Which is a big help, right?? 🙂

I mean, it would be amazing to be able to pick through a simple chord progression, and make it sound so beautiful, right?

And really that’s all they’re doing.

They’re taking a simple chord progression (nothing crazy, I promise) and are playing the notes of the chord one at a time in a manner that sounds incredible!

Now, In order for YOU to do this, the biggest item you need to learn is what type of pattern to use when finger picking.

There are several different patterns, but you have to start somewhere, so we’re going to start with one pattern today.

This pattern will get you started and then can help jump start you into others as well!

One of our coaches, Zach Norman, is an artist, great vocalist AND and an excellent guitar player.

He is going to break down one very simple finger picking pattern,

That will blow you away with how easy it is to pick and start using.

Once you get started with this finger pattern, the sky’s the limit!

There are so many others you can explore as well that will be built from this one.

So, take just a couple of minutes right now and see how easy this can be for you to start finger picking!


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