Ethan’s Story: The one finger exercise on guitar that WILL revolutionize the way you play!


Ethan’s Story: The one finger exercise on guitar that WILL revolutionize the way you play!

If you’ve ever tried learning to play Guitar, chances are you know and realize just how tough that can be sometimes.

Whether you can’t get your strings to stop buzzing when playing chords…


You can’t move between chords quickly enough…


Your timing just isn’t what you feel it should be to actually play an entire all the way fluidly.

I’ve heard and seen students with these exact same struggles, and know that it can be very overwhelming.

You wonder if you’ll ever truly be able to play the way you desire.

If the songs you would truly love to play will ever come out of you and your playing.

I know the feeling — but I also know the cure 🙂

I want to tell you a story about a guy named Ethan.

A few years ago, Ethan was just starting out on Guitar.

He had played Piano for several years, was progressing well, but just was looking to change it up – try something new.

So, Ethan began taking Guitar lessons with us at Rooted.

We got started that first day, ready to get playing the songs he really loved, only to hit a major roadblock!

Moving from chord to chord and actually keeping to a tempo turned out to be a lot tougher for him than he had thought it would be.

The chords by themselves would sound good when he played them, but if he tried to play with any fluidity between them, it just wouldn’t happen.

I could tell the frustration level was growing and his confidence was diminishing.

I knew something needed to change…

Hopefully sooner than later, so we didn’t exhaust the opportunity there and ruin the excitement he had around it.

So, I showed him this finger exercise…

One that I knew, if he took to heart and really practiced, that would create long lasting benefit for years to come.

We got started working on it and working to play it along with a metronome.

The first few weeks proved to be tough, but beneficial.

Progress was slow moving, but was coming nonetheless.

And then after a few more weeks, it happened.

He came in, sat down, we started the metronome and started playing through the finger exercise and it sounded perfect!

I was amazed and I think he was too.

We bumped the metronome up about 10 more BPM higher and started.

He played THAT tempo flawlessly!

I could see the confidence growing in his eyes and the excitement building.

We bumped the metronome up another 10 BPM and he played that tempo perfectly as well all the way up and down the exercise!

It was like the light switch that had been turned off for all this time, had finally been turned on.

All in all that day, we moved up almost 100 beats per minute on the exercise from 60 BPM to 150 BPM!

If you’ve ever played with a metronome before at either of those speeds, you know how incredibly different they are!!

So, what happened to Ethan after that?

Ethan went on to continue to take Guitar for several years and continue to progress incredibly well.

He has several amazing opportunities in front of him musically, is actually about to begin coaching others as well!

As I’ve seen him continue to grow and excel over the years, I can vividly remember the day it all changed for him, all because of this simple finger exercise.

Are you ready to learn this exercise and help yourself or your child excel?

Well, I’m excited to show this to you and help you on your journey!

Check out this video above for the full exercise and how you can get started improving your playing today!