Sunday Funday – Plus a holiday surprise!

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Sunday Funday – Plus a holiday surprise!

Happy Sunday ,

My favorite day of the week!

When I get closer to Christmas, I start to think about what it must have been like for Mary & Joseph to be carrying Jesus.

The scandal of being engaged & expecting.

The ardor of traveling for days to Bethlehem for census… only to find neon flashing signs, “No Vacancy” outside every inn.

Ok, not really – but it makes for a cool artistic visual. 🙂

But more than those feelings…

Imagine the expectation.

Mary & Joseph… welcoming the Savior of the world any day now.

The shepherds… tending to their sheep when the entire sky was filled with angels singing their loudest, most jubilant song.

Even the king, Herod, who overheard the “Messiah” was about to be born…

The energy in the air must have been absolutely electric!

I want to challenge you as you gear up for Christmas, whatever that looks like this year:

Don’t lose the wonder, or the excitement & expectation, of Jesus’ birth!

The savior of the world has come, born as a baby, to save you & me. THAT’s some good news!

Speaking of expectation…

We’re putting together an exciting offer for our Rooted community next weekend. 

Basically, if you’ve ever wanted anyone in your family to learn piano or guitar, you don’t want to miss next weekend’s emails!

But before the busyness of the holidays sweeps you away, take a few minutes and think about the wonder of Jesus’ birth.

My prayer is that it brings renewed excitement for celebrating Christmas with your loved ones this season.

Chris & the Rooted Music Team