Spotlight Thursday! JUSTIN BIEBER ft. Chris Tomlin

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Spotlight Thursday! JUSTIN BIEBER ft. Chris Tomlin

Spotlight Thursday! JUSTIN BIEBER ft. Chris Tomlin

Hey guys! Check out the video in the link below! 🙂

I can’t believe it.

Justin Bieber finally wrote a worship song with Chris Tomlin!

Needless to say, our Spotlight Thursday is, “Never Gonna” by Justin Bieber.

Here’s the link to the video!

I love the simple synth intro to this song.

And the vocals are simple.

But you really can tell Justin has had time to really focus his craft.

Anyway, after all that, there’s just one thing to say…

Can you guess what that is??


I just couldn’t help myself.

But I gotta be honest, I’d be stoked to hear Justin Bieber write a worship tune, though. Maybe someday!

This week’s real Spotlight Thursday is, “Run to the Father” by Cody Carnes and you can find it below.

It’s an obvious statement, but I’ll make it – piano is the main instrument here.

Notice how there really aren’t a ton of notes being played here. Lots of common notes…

It’s like they’re making the most of inversions or something! (See Tuesday’s email for more on that)

But this song picks up intensity on the bridge, and that definitely carries over on the piano. You can hear the change in octave and the overall lift in dynamics. It’s just an awesome song!

Anyway… while we can’t guarantee a pop star collab with Chris Tomlin just yet…

We can guarantee you’d absolutely love our Piano Tutorials course if you enjoyed the video above! For $9/month, your entire family can get started learning this and some of your favorite worship songs on piano!

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Don’t forget! Tomorrow, we’ve got an epic sale for Easter Weekend. And that, my friend, is no April Fools’ joke. 🙂

Chris & the Rooted Music Team