Spotlight Thursday: “God So Loved”

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Spotlight Thursday: “God So Loved”

Spotlight Thursday: “Build my Life”

Hey guys! Check out the video above!! 🙂

It’s about that time! We love showcasing a little bit of what you might see when you join any of our amazing courses at Rooted Music.

This week’s Spotlight Thursday is a good one:

“Build My Life” by Pat Barrett

The acoustic guitar is so unbelievably critical in this particular version of the song. It’s the foundational instrument to the song!

What’s great about this song is that some of the strings/notes remain the same throughout the majority of the song.

And the good thing about capos is: if you need to take the step up, you can! 🙂

But we can talk more about capos when you join our Worship Guitar: Unlimited Tutorials course!

Did you know: more than just videos & chord charts, we give you access to our team of Coaches, too?!

That’s right – if you’re stuck, or you’ve got a question, we’re 100% here for you!

Here’s a little more about what to expect from our Guitar Tutorials course:

🎸 40 Songs, complete with tutorials, breakdowns, and chord charts
🎸 24/7 Access to our team of Coaches for any questions you have, or if you’re feeling stuck learning a song/part
🎸 Become part of our Facebook community and grow with others learning to play – just like you!

…and the entire family gets access for $9/month.

Click HERE to learn more about our Worship Guitar: Unlimited Tutorials course.

Can’t wait to help you achieve your goals for guitar this year!

Chris & the Rooted Music Team