Spotlight Saturday: “Graves Into Gardens”

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Spotlight Saturday: “Graves Into Gardens”

Hey guys! Check out the video below! 🙂

Ever hear a song and just feel the energy in your bones?!

That’s exactly how I feel about this week’s Spotlight Saturday: “Graves into Gardens”!



After seeing this video, one thing is for sure:

The piano has a much more important role to play than we give it credit for! Obviously, it’s a guitar-forward song… but the piano is crucial to help carry the song through its highs & lows!

And if you think playing this song looks like fun on piano?

You’re RIGHT!

That’s how I feel about playing any song on piano, which is why we created the Worship Piano Unlimited Tutorials course.

You can learn to play some of today’s most popular worship songs, get help from our Coaches if you get stuck (just email us!), and your whole family gets access to the course!

Check out more info on Piano Tutorials here:

Chris & the Rooted Music Team