Spotlight Monday: “See a Victory”

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Spotlight Monday: “See a Victory”

Spotlight Monday: “See a Victory”

Hey Rooted Fam! 🙂

Every week, we love showing you a sneak peek inside one of our courses here at Rooted Music.

This week, I’m particularly excited about this video!

Why? Because it highlights one of my favorite instruments: bass. 🙂

This week’s Spotlight Monday is “See a Victory” by Elevation Worship.


Man, I really like the way this song builds. And even though some instruments get busier at times, the bass just seems to stay steady & strong.

Even if bass isn’t your primary instrument, I’d encourage you to take a look at the video! You might just be interested in learning…

And speaking of learning bass, where else can you learn:

🎸 How to play bass as a complete beginner
🎸 Learn some of your favorite worship songs
🎸 Get instant access to a team of Coaches who are available to help
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…all for just $9/month??

Our tutorials courses are the easiest & most affordable way to learn an instrument. The Bass Tutorials course is no exception!

Click HERE to learn more about Rooted Music’s Bass Tutorials course.

Chris & the Rooted Music Team