Pro Tip: being a better drummer


Pro Tip: being a better drummer

Hey friends – I have a question for you… What instrument would you say is the “backbone” of the band? Maybe one of the guitar players? Keys or bass player? In my opinion, it’s the drummer. The drummer has the potential to control the pocket better than anyone else and can really “lead” the band dynamically. Because the drums are such a key element in any band setting, we had one of the best drummers I know, Paul Whittinghill, let us know his 3 keys to being a better drummer.

Key #1: Be a student of music

Key #2: Play a simple groove to a fixed tempo

Key #3: Exercise your fingers and wrists with a practice pad

Paul is a fantastic drummer for many reasons, but the one thing that I really think sets him apart from many others, is that he LEADS the band when he plays. Going back to what I mentioned earlier the drummer can keep the pocket where it needs to be and lead the band from section to section within any song. Paul does both of those things very well – and I would say as well as anyone. Check out the video below and hear more about what Paul says are his 3 Keys to Being a Better Drummer! As always, let us know your thoughts, questions, musical experience, etc in the comments below.
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