Playing in the Key of G {It is Well Piano Tutorial}


Playing in the Key of G {It is Well Piano Tutorial}

What separates an amateur player from a true pro?

Maybe you’re thinking how fast they can play…

Maybe how many songs they have logged away in their memory…

Or maybe in your mind, it’s how quickly they can learn a song and then play it well.

All of those things are definitely true of a professional player and are things you can work on to become better at with some practice!

However, there is another ingredient that really takes a player from amateur level to having the mark of a true pro.

I’ve seen it in player after player that I’ve come into contact with and is something that with a little help, you can master as well!

This other ingredient is having the ability to play fluidly in ANY key of music.

Now, you may be thinking, what is a KEY? Or what does it mean to be fluid in the different keys of music?

Well, here’s a quick run down to get you up to speed…

Music has many different notes available to be played.

Just think, if you look at a piano, you see (on most pianos) 88 keys to choose from.

So, how do you know which ones to play and which ones not to?

Well, thankfully we have KEYS.

A KEY is simply a group of notes that sound good together.

Each KEY has a rule or set of rules associated with it to help us know exactly what notes to play and which ones will not to.

Once we understand the rule or set of rules for each KEY, playing in that KEY begins to be much more simple!
What we’re talking about here is having the knowledge of the KEY, and then having the confidence to apply that knowledge in the context of different songs.

And even to play one song in multiple keys.

Now, this may seem overwhelming, or unattainable for you…

But, the truth is, with some practice, YOU can do this!!

You can learn to be fluent in every key of music and from there, learn basically any song you choose!

What we’re going to today is one step in that direction!

We’re going to learn (or refresh you on) the Key of G.

We’ll learn the one rule about G, learn the chords in the Key of G, and from there, learn one of my favorite worship songs, “It Is Well” from Bethel!

Now, again, I know this may feel overwhelming, but DO NOT buy into the lie that you can’t do this!

You can!!

With some guidance and coaching, you have what it takes to do this!

So, if you’re ready to get started, let’s jump in together!