Learn to Play “Our God” on Piano! 🎹


Learn to Play “Our God” on Piano! 🎹

Learning to play different songs easier and more efficiently is a skill that really takes root after continuous practice and repetition.

The knowledge of the concepts needed to be play these songs and needed to execute playing songs like this is a must have…

But what it really boils down to is COMFORT.

Comfort with the material being played in the song, yes and even comfort with the use of the different aspects of music theory in a particular song.

But more so comfort with the keys of music, their chords, the inversions going along with those chords as well as other modifications to them…

Feeling like you can, on a dime, transpose a song to another key if needed…

Knowing some of the “tendencies” that occur in worship music that can be learned and actually result in a much easier path towards playing whatever song you want!

If you’re not quite there yet, rest easy, we all have something we need to grow and develop in.

But, if you’re not there and you’d like to work at becoming more comfortable as you learn to play worship songs on the piano..

Which will ultimately lead to learning and playing them easier and more effectively, this video is just for you!

Click the video above to get started learning “Our God” from Chris Tomlin, as we hone in the Key this song is in (Key of B) and notice some tendencies in worship music that when learned and understood can help you learn to play other songs you want easier and more efficiently.

I’m excited to jump into this one with you!