Learn to play one Kari Jobe’s most listened to songs – Revelation Song 🎹🙌


Learn to play one Kari Jobe’s most listened to songs – Revelation Song 🎹🙌

Chances are you’ve heard the song “Revelation Song” recorded by several artists, namely Kari Jobe! 

I love getting to lead this song and help usher others into the presence of God through it!

Today, we’re going to walk you through learning to play the song top to bottom, and as you learn it, you’ll be learning one of the most listened to songs recorded by Kari Jobe!

AND… What’s even better – you’ll be learning to apply something I call the ONE THING – something that all professional musicians know and use everyday to write music, play music and communicate with their band members.

Every professional musician knows and understands a concept in music called the Nashville Number System, which is this ONE THING that makes such a huge difference in the life of every musician that truly comes to understand it!

Truly understanding the Number System, will allow you to transpose music more effectively than you ever have before, understand music and honestly fluently play in any key as you work through any and all worship songs.

I’ve had students who understand this concept, walk into worship environments in some of the largest churches in the country…

Learn a particular worship song in one key, get there and find out they need to play the song in a completely different key…

And actually be able to do it!!

All because they understand the Number System and their keys of music. 

They’re fluent, flexible and confident, which is an amazing feeling!

If you’re ready to learn this ONE THING, the Number System, check out our video above, where I’ll teach the Number System as it relates to the Key of D on piano, 

And we’ll get started learning to play Revelation Song!