Learn to Play “Bigger Than I Thought” on Guitar! 🎸


Learn to Play “Bigger Than I Thought” on Guitar! 🎸

I don’t know about you, but we are loving the song, “Bigger Than I Thought” from Sean Curran and Passion.

So much so, that we’ve now added a Guitar Tutorial for “Bigger Than I Thought” to our YouTube channel on guitar!

Take a look and see how one of the best in the business, Alex Nifong plays this great song in a couple different ways.

Alex has played with many artists over the years… Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Passion, Chris Tomlin, TobyMac, Christy Nockels, just to name a few.

He’s going to show you exactly how to play this song in both an open position as well (no capo) as well as in a position if you are wanting to use a capo!

Click on the video above and get started learning this great song from one of the best!