Learn to Play “Another in the Fire” on Piano! 🎹


Learn to Play “Another in the Fire” on Piano! 🎹

Learning to play the piano can be difficult! 

There are definitely challenges as you get started, right?

Learning to play and actually be fluent playing between all of the different notes on the piano (there are 88 of them)…

Learning to do two different things with each hand…

Let alone, learning the keys of music and becoming fluent as you play between them.

The challenges are real, but the help we want to provide to you is too 🙂

In the tutorial above, we’re going to walk you through learning to play “Another in the Fire” from Hillsong!

It’s an amazing song, that I’ve had the privilege of leading many times and one I hope really enjoy going through with us.

One of the reasons for teaching this song, is that it’s played in an extremely easy key to learn – the key of C.

You’ll see from our teaching exactly why it’s so easy and then how you can learn to play fluently in this key, not just for this song, but for any other song in the key of C.

So, if piano has always been a bit of a challenge for you, check out the tutorial we have for you here in this video today! I think you’ll be surprised and amazed at how much you’re able to learn so quickly!