Julia Did It (And so can you!) 🎉🎉🎉


Julia Did It (And so can you!) 🎉🎉🎉

After over 30 years playing piano, Julia had a game-changing experience that happened just last Sunday!

And after 30 years, she learned to do something pretty incredible in only a few weeks after joining our program. 

Julia has been playing for her church for a while now. 

She had just recently started in our Worship Piano: Beginner to Pro course because she really wanted to learn this foundational concept called the Nashville Number System…

This concept is an incredible way to learn to play the worship music you love and learn to do it in a simple, more effective way than you ever thought possible.

Julia had never learned this method of identifying chords before and was brand new at it. 

After just a few weeks in the course, lightbulbs were turning on and things were making sense!

So much so, that just last Sunday, Julia had a monumental moment at church as she was playing!

Julia was playing for her church as she does most Sundays…

However, this Sunday would prove to be a game-changer for her.

There was a last minute song addition to the worship music set this particular day.

She received the chords the day of and was scrambling to learn it enough to accompany the vocalist before the service started. 

If that wasn’t enough right there, the singer also told her that she needed to play the song in a completely new key than what was written on her chord sheet!!

Reason being, the singer’s voice was not able to sing the song well in the original key.

So, without batting an eye, Julia remembered what she had been learning in our piano course. 

She needed to TRANSPOSE the song from the Key of C to the Key of F immediately. 

So, she looked at the chords, wrote in the chord numbers (via learning the Nashville Number System), made sure she was set in her knowledge of the Key of F and away she went.

She played the song perfectly, without a hitch!!

All because she knew how to transpose on a dime through the simple concept she learned after only a few weeks, called the Nashville Number System.

Now, if this sounds too good to be true, I promise it isn’t. 

I have countless other stories of students of ours doing this very same thing in churches across the country when needed.

Now, if you would love to learn to do this, today is your day!

Right now, I want you to click on the video above and allow me to walk you through learning the Nashville Number System as it relates to the Key of A on piano!

I’m going to be walking you through learning to play the song “Good Good Father” by Chris Tomlin today in a piano tutorial and you will learn the foundations to the Nashville Number System in the process!

Get started today by clicking the video above!