How to Play King of My Heart (Piano Tutorial!)


How to Play King of My Heart (Piano Tutorial!)

Chances are you’ve heard the song, King of My Heart, and chances are you LOVED it!! Like all of us around Rooted 🙂

We loved that song so much, we wanted to create a piano tutorial to share with you. The song has a very cool Piano lead line played with the Right Hand over the chords in the Left Hand, that is simple, but very fun to play!

SO… We had one of our friends Todd Locke (keys player for grammy award winning artist Lauren Daigle) create a worship song tutorial on this song with some incredible explanation behind the song as well.

Even if you’re not sure you can do it, GO FOR IT!! And then let us know what you thought. I believe you’re going to not only learn how to play the song, but you’re going to learn something really helpful about playing worship music in general, that you probably never knew before!

Go ahead and click the link and get started learning King of My Heart today!