Hillsong Worship Piano Tutorial 🎹 {Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)}


Hillsong Worship Piano Tutorial 🎹 {Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)}

Growing up, learning to play songs like “Whole Heart (Hold Me Now)” really was a struggle.

I had such a hard time understanding the way chords worked…

Understanding that music was broken down into different groups of notes that sound good together called “Keys”…

And especially how someone could improvise on the fly.

All of these things that I understand now, were baffling to me even after I’d had several years of piano lessons.

Do you know what turned it all around for me?

Having the right coach.

Having a coach that understood what I wanted to achieve (my goal was to learn to play music I loved),

And that could give me a simple, easy to understand system to follow,

Helped me truly understand things about music that I never thought I would.

Does playing the music you love seem like it’s way off in the distance for you?

Does it seem like you’ll never be able to improvise, or play worship music using chords?

If so, all it takes is having the right coach.

And fortunately, I’ve had the pleasure of helping so many people JUST LIKE YOU, learn to play the music they love on piano…

All by following a simple pattern in music, that we’re going to get into today!

So, if you’re ready to start playing the music you love on piano, today is your day!

Today, the mystery is going to be revealed 🙂

Click on the video above to get started!