Get started chording while playing lead lines {Reckless Love intro tutorial}


Get started chording while playing lead lines {Reckless Love intro tutorial}

One thing I’ve heard so much from beginner piano players, is that playing with both hands can be very challenging.

Maybe you’ve tried to simply play chords with both hands, but even doing that has taken time to get used to…

Or maybe you’ve been trying to learn songs with a lead line or melody line with your Right Hand, while playing chords with your Left, and it’s just not happening.

There are too many notes to think about on the right hand side of things..

Or matching up the rhythm of the chords in your left along with the melody in your right is just way too complicated…

I know the feeling and remember vividly learning the same skill myself as I grew up learning to play the piano. 

And the best way that I learned to do this was through playing songs I knew!

I began listening for and learning songs that I knew had a lead line in the Right Hand as well as chords in the Left. I would work slowly through both sections and then put them together once I was comfortable.

The end result was that I learned how to do it!! I was able to play much parts more fluidly and easily that had even more difficult lead lines with one hand and chords with the other.

This is exactly what I want you to experience today!  

Today, I’m going to walk you through one section of a song that is PERFECT for learning how to do everything we’ve just talked about.

The song Reckless Love is one of the more popular songs out right now and chances are you’ve heard it played a few times. Maybe the song is even sung at your church. Either way, this song is a great one to learn as we begin combining your hands on the piano.

The intro specifically is where the gold is, so that’s what we’ll focus on.

Take a few minutes to check out the video below and get started combining your hands as you learn to play the music you love!