A really special guitar tutorial for you ❤️


A really special guitar tutorial for you ❤️

Think about this for a moment…

Before a sound, let alone a single word, ever left your mouth, 

Our Father was singing over you.

Before you were ever able to take a breath, 

He breathed His life into you.

When you were not a friend, but a foe, 

The Father in His great love fought for you.

And when you feel you are not worthy,

Jesus paid it all for you.

The words above spell out the love the Father has for us as written about in the amazing worship song, “Reckless Love.”

Can you imagine a greater love than this?

Can you fathom a deeper level care?

A love and care not based on anything you’ve done,

But based on the fact that you are – simply – LOVED.

Ephesians 2 says that we are, “Saved by grace, through faith – and this is not from yourselves…”

But is a “gift of God  – not by works…”

What a gift!!

The gift of salvation from God, our gracious Father who loves us more than we can even comprehend.

I want to live in this truth daily.

I want to live in the grace, care, love and kindness for others this will bring…

I want to lead others to see the love the Father has for THEM.

What better way to live in this truth, than to sing these amazing words the writers of “Reckless Love” penned for us, as we remember.

Even more, what if you were able to learn this incredible song?

Sing it out in times of worship with just you and God…

Or even lead your family, friends or church community in worship through it?

Well, today, one of my good friends, Alex Nifong, is going to help us out with this.

Alex has played with countless artists that you know and love in the Christian music world..

Chris Tomlin
Christy Nockels
Matt Redman
Tim Hughes

Just to name a few.

And today, he’s going to show us how to play “Reckless Love” from Cory Asbury on guitar!

To access the tutorial, simply click the image above and get started playing this amazing song today!

Even more than just the guitar tutorial, though, my prayer is for you and I both to rest in the love the Father has for us.