4 Reasons You’re Not Too Old to Learn Piano

Not Too Old to Learn Piano

4 Reasons You’re Not Too Old to Learn Piano

Worried you’re too old to learn how to play the piano? While many parents sign up their children for piano lessons, there’s no age limit for beginners. Even Albert Frantz didn’t begin playing until he was 17, and he became a world-renowned concert pianist! Moreover, learning a new instrument is a skill that will benefit you in many ways. 

Here’s why you should play the piano, no matter your age

1. Playing the Piano Exercises Your Brain

Learning how to play the piano is one of the best ways to keep your brain active. It can help improve memory, increase coordination, and even boost multi-tasking skills. Some even believe playing music can foster better emotional intelligence. Mastering an instrument, like the piano, requires you to use both sides of your brain. And learning to play at an older age may even help you feel years younger!

2. Learning Music Can Help Reduce Stress

The older you get, the more stressful life seems to become. Unfortunately, too much stress is unhealthy and can take a toll on your body. Learning to play the piano is a proven way to reduce stress levels. Why? Sitting down at the keyboard gives you time to forget about deadlines and emails. It gives you a moment to envelop yourself into something you love—music. Practicing for a few minutes each day may be just what you need to get your mind off everyday stressors.

3. Even Adults Need a Hobby

Kids and extracurricular activities go hand-in-hand. However, when people grow up, they don’t seem to do as much with their free time. Instead, they spend every minute tending to work or family. Participating in a meaningful activity helps boost serotonin levels and may prevent depression. Some doctors even believe hobbies can help reduce the risk of dementia. Taking a few piano lessons is a great way to introduce yourself to a new hobby.

4. Playing the Piano Is Fun

What’s the best reason to play the piano? It’s fun! Music is something everyone can relate to—no matter if you’re young or a bit more mature. Learning how to play songs by your favorite artists will help lift your spirits and brighten your day. And you don’t even have to be a pro at it. Missing a few notes here and there is just part of the learning experience. Smile and laugh as you learn how to play the piano!

Learn Your Favorite Worship Song

Ready to sit down at the piano bench for the first time? Rooted Music Coaching wants to help you along the way. We’ve taught thousands of people just like you how to play the worship music they love! Our proven methods will give you all the tools needed to master your favorite pieces. And we welcome students of all ages! Get started in one of our courses—risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee—and discover why you’re not too old to learn piano.

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