🎸Guitar Players: How to KNOW your strumming pattern fits the song!


🎸Guitar Players: How to KNOW your strumming pattern fits the song!

If there’s one thing question we’ve heard from nearly EVERY single guitar student that we’ve had come through Rooted Music, it’s this one…

“How do I know what strumming pattern to use for different songs?”

It can be tricky, right?

Sure, there are a few basic strumming patterns that CAN work for a few different songs, but how can you KNOW that you’re playing the RIGHT pattern for the song you’re learning?

How can you be sure, without a coach present, that your strumming pattern fits and sounds as good as it can?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to simply be able to listen to a song and know, beyond any doubt, that your patterns were going to sound good?

Wouldn’t it be incredible to know that when you played the song with others, maybe even in a band setting, your patterns would sound PERFECT for any given song?

Of course it would! 

Which is exactly why we’re going to help break this down for you today!

Ready?? Let’s dive in.

So, there are really three items you need to listen for in the music…

1. The “feel” of the song

2. The other melodic instruments

3. The rhythms in the snare drum and hi hats 

When you understand how to listen for these three items in every song, you’re strumming patterns will fit perfectly in each and every song!

So, what we’re going to do for you today, is my good friend, and fellow Rooted Music coach, Tucker, is going to break down 3 worship songs and the strumming patterns you should use in each song.

And then not only that, but WHY you should use those strumming patterns in those songs!

It’s going to be a really fun time and amazing coaching session, so you’re not going to want to miss it!

Check it out now and never again wonder whether your strumming patterns will fit or not!