Zach Norman

Songwriting, Vocal, Production Coach

Seen on stage as a backing member of the Passion worship band, and collaborating with the grounding-breaking pop and hip-hop producer Gawvi, Zach Norman’s musical and producing abilities cross many genres, including chill music through his o-jai collective. Norman’s home turf is writing mainstream pop, but he’s also done innovative initiatives, like offering NFT’s with breakout Los Angeles visual artist Daniel Allen Cohen. Norman cares passionately about mental and spiritual health, collaborates with various non-profits in the space, & is launching his own initiatives for this mission.
With a wealth of diversity in influences & outlets such as alternative, punk, hardcore, CCM, R&B & hip hop, Norman’s influences have served both his collaborations & clients well. Since the inception of RMC in 2013, he has focused on voice & artist development & music production in years most recent.
From 2018-2021, Norman was based out of Los Angeles, where he continued to travel, consult, perform for various clients, shows & corporate events across California, Georgia, Tennessee & more; Sacramento, San Francisco, Orange County, Knoxville, Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando & more. He has partnerships, song placements, or production credits with artists such as international Latin artist Evan Craft of Capitol CMG Records, GAWVI (Award-Winning hip-hop Artist/Producer)Pat Barrett (#1 song in CCM ‘Good Good Father’), & Daniel Allen Cohen (ABC, NBC, Malibu Times, Hypebeast) with whom he released a cutting-edge NFT, featured in Forbes alongside one of hip hop’s top producers, Scott Storch. Through Atrium Music Licensing, Norman has placed music on TV & film, such as USA Network. As a singer with Tim Davis Vocals, he has done various work as a principle actor/singer such as the prime time show ‘The Goldbergs’. Norman also receives vocal & artist coaching from the best in the industry & Atlanta’s very own, ‘Mama Jan’ Smith.
As an artist, music producer & coach, it is excellence, creativity & a determination to serve that unifies all of Norman’s work. As a coach, his experience inside & outside of the domain is what has made him successful in both arenas.
“A good leader is never too important to serve. They’re also not afraid to get out there & fail- that’s necessary to succeed. It’s important to model principles by example more than it is to teach them alone. Teaching people is bringing them along with you. It’s helping people face their fears & achieve their dreams & it’s one of the most rewarding responsibilities I have.” -Zach Norman.