Tucker Richmond

Guitar Coach

Music has been something I have enjoyed since being a young kid. I can remember listening to children’s music soundtracks on the way to school, where my mom would challenge me to identify different instruments within the song by ear: “Which instrument makes that strumming sound?” “How about that melody you can hear in the background… do you know what instrument that is…?” I didn’t much realize it at the time, but I would later grow a love for the sound of music – and the instruments that are used to create it!
It wasn’t until I found guitar at age 12, that I fell in love with playing an instrument. My two uncles would both sit around and play bluegrass and oldies on our family trips, and while I could hardly hit a chord on time with them… it was those moments that founded my passion for musical expression on the guitar. My interest in the instrument became my only interest. I enrolled in private lessons immediately, developing great relationships with my instructors. I quickly formed original bands with good friends and other local musicians, while also playing on the worship team at my high school – which is what really ignited my love for worship music, and expressing worship through playing music live.
I continued to play original music with various bands through high school, and joined a rock band called Love Takes Flight after graduating, who had signed a record deal with a large independent label right around this time. This lead to another band under a different name, and playing live/recording with many other bands in our local scene.
Around the same time, I began playing with various worship leaders around the city at different churches and events. Music became my full-time pursuit, whether it was leading worship, playing shows, traveling, recording, or teaching lessons. I met my good friend Daniel Bashta, who is a gifted leader and songwriter – known for writing the hit radio/movie single “God’s Not Dead (Like A Lion)”. Daniel had become the worship pastor at Riverstone Church, and I began playing often there, and eventually on the road for his artist events/tours, as well as recording on studio/live album releases.
In late 2015, I, my wife Amber, and daughter Ella, moved to New Orleans, Louisiana to spend some time near Amber’s family. It was an amazing time there, and I was fortunate to meet many new friends and musicians, from New Orleans to Baton Rouge and Lafayette. While there, I lead consistently with the worship team at our local church, and taught private/group lessons with the church’s Fine Arts program. I also developed a more serious interest in music production, and began learning Audio Mastering – now mastering various releases for different artists and producers.
We are currently living in Woodstock, Georgia and have been touring with Matthew West, Matt Maher, Daniel Bashta, Harvest, Jonathan and Melissa Helser, Brandon Lake, Steffany Gretzinger, John Waller, and others.
I’ve been blessed to develop years of studio experience doing both session work and audio mastering – working with producers and engineers like Daniel Bashta (Harvest), Mitch Parks (Matt Maher), Jeff Bowman (Ruelle), Darrell Thorp (Foo Fighters), Sean Hamilton (Justin Bieber), Ben Phillips (Chris Janson), David Dalton (John Waller), Todd Lyons (Maverick City Music), and others.
I have learned so much through music, and have realized what a blessing it can be in so many different ways. I enjoy sharing my love of it with others, and aspire to help students develop a genuine love of music within themselves that will last a lifetime.