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Learn To Play Piano Using Meredith Andrews' Recommended Training Course
~Offer Closes July 27th~

Registration Is Open!

Get started learning a life-long skill – learning to play worship music on Piano!

Meredith has linked arms with Rooted Music Coaching to offer for a limited time to join in on learning to play the worship songs you love on Piano through Rooted Music’s Worship Piano: Beginner to Pro course!

Registration will open on Wednesday, July 20th! If you or your student have always wanted to learn not only how to read music, but also how to play amazing worship songs on the Piano, this is the perfect opportunity!

The thing you always wanted to do

Learn To Play Worship Piano Today Using Meredith Andrews' Recommended Training Course

The thing you always wanted to do

Worship Piano Course Details

52 Video Lessons

A comprehensive online piano course to teach you from start to finish.

Jam Packed Course

Every lesson comes with an instructional video, downloadable sheet music, PDF flash cards and a practice chart.

Coaching Help

Want to assess your progress? Our coaches are here to help! Ask questions, send in videos!

26 Song Library

Access 26 songs in 7 different keys with songs for every skill level.

Get instant access now

A 100% Online Training Program

52 Individual Lessons

Led by Piano Coach Chris Brink, this course comes complete with an instructional video, downloadable sheet music, PDF flash cards and a practice chart.

Understand the Basics Of Playing Piano

Learn from the ground up with our proven system completed by thousands of others just like you.

Learn Notes, Chords & More

Our unique, proven techniques teach you a custom method for stepping your way to fully playing worship piano!

Market-Leading Learning Approach

An Accelerated Learning System

No other curriculum on the market combines sheet music and Nashville number chording together to have you playing your first song after 6 lessons.

Plus you'll learn how to quickly transpose music and effectively use inversions in modern worship music.

You're not alone on your journey

Personal Coaching

Our team of experts is with you 100% and available to ask questions and get immediate feedback on your playing.

Whether you're a beginner learning for the first time, or a pro looking to enhance your knowledge - we will be available to help you on your journey.

Complete the challenge and receive a 50% refund!

If you are serious about learning piano, about learning your favorite worship songs. I have a challenge for you…

To get the most out of this course, you need accountability. We all do.

You exercise more when you meet a friend at the gym.

You learn more when you have a final exam at the end of the semester.

We want to be your accountability. We want you to succeed at being a great piano player!

Sign up for the challenge and get instant accountability plus 50% cash back when you complete the course!

To take the Challenge, you simply follow along with our program and do the following…

When you complete the course in 12 months or less, the refund will be on your way.

To help in the process, we will send you regular check-up emails asking how you are doing.

We also have a progress chart to keep you on track.

When you finish, you’ll end up with a complete knowledge of how to play piano in 7 keys and know how to play over 20 worship songs on piano.

Just send us your videos and we will reply with encouragement and love. Cheering you on to victory! Giving you the accountability you need!

Yep… If you simply finish the course and take action, you get to keep the knowledge, the new skill you’ve acquired, and a 50% refund!

After you checkout, you will be directed to a form to begin your challenge.

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