David Mackey

David Mackey

 Guitar Coach

Meet David, your dedicated guide to unlocking the full potential of your guitar journey. With a profound background deeply rooted in music production, he brings forth a unique blend of creativity, empathy, and technical expertise to his lessons.

In each session, David delves into the world of guitar and theory, meticulously guiding you through the fundamentals and beyond. From mastering chords and scales to exploring the intricate art of improvisation, he is committed to assisting you in developing your distinctive playing style.

The core of David’s lessons lies in crafting your own unique sound through the strings. Emphasizing a strong foundation in theory, he empowers you to improvise and express yourself seamlessly on the fretboard.

In addition to his wealth of expertise, David currently lends his skills as a touring guitar player for CCM artist Mac Powell from Third Day. With an approach grounded in empathy, visualization, and anticipation, he skillfully navigates the musical landscape, assisting you in uncovering your strengths and celebrating your progress.

Your guitar journey, under David’s guidance, transcends beyond playing mere notes; it’s about creating a signature style that is uniquely yours. Whether you are a beginner or seeking to refine your skills, consider joining David for guitar lessons that prioritize learning, theory, and the refined art of improvisation. Allow him to guide you in developing your distinct way of playing. Let the journey commence! 🎵