Aaron Hoskins

Aaron Hoskins

Guitar & Vocal Coach

I grew up hearing about Jesus and his love for me. I also grew up in a musical home where Mom and dad were always around the piano with friends playing and singing. So naturally Jesus and music became defining markers in my life. I began taking piano lessons in 2nd grade and like most kids that age, begrudgingly practiced my music. But around 8th grade things began to change for me when I realized the music theory I had learned I could apply to chord charts for the worship songs I really liked. That next step opened a whole new world of discovery as I learned how to improvise and develop my own style of playing.

I went to Texas A&M where I studied music and quickly became involved with a local church that continued to shepherd my heart towards Jesus. It was at that church that my curiosity towards worship ministry was birthed. I had many opportunities with the college band there but one in particular that stands out was the opportunity to play at Breakaway Ministries in Reed Arena. After graduation, I would eventually accept the worship pastor position of a satellite campus of Fellowship Bible Church in Little Rock. I served there for 7 years. I would later serve for 11 years at Hulen Street Church in Fort Worth, TX and am presently the worship pastor at Gateway Community Church in Wylie, TX in the NorthEast area of DFW.

I have also developed a love for songwriting and have been fortunate to write songs with artists from NorthPoint Music and the Worship Initiative.

It is an incredible privilege to teach what I have learned to the next generation of piano/keyboard and guitar players. I love teaching and I love leading worship. I am so thankful that I can do both!