Harrison Cook

Harrison Cook

Piano Coach

Born in Atlanta Georgia, 26 years old.

Piano has been my first instrument since I was kid. All through Elementary, Middle, and HighSchool I was in concert bands and jazz bands. Within college I started taking gigging and playing live more seriously. I found myself in a Blue’s/Rock band playing live weekly. It was an exciting experience that I learned a lot from. Along with that I’ve played in other bands for church’s, weddings, party band’s, solo piano gig’s, trio’s, and more. I like being very diverse and open to all sorts of genres when it comes to the type of music that I normally play. I feel it really creates a different musician when having the ability to play a vast variety of different genres.

Outside of playing the piano, I have an associates degree from the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media and currently working on getting a bachelors at Kennesaw State University. I’ve been teaching music since I was a freshman in college.

For every student that I have, I try and give as much time and patience as I can to insure that each person regardless of there age or level is continuously guided to the goals there looking to achieve.