Ethan Carr

Guitar Coach

I was born and have lived my entire life in the Atlanta area with my mother, father and younger brother. Since my earliest memories, my parents have been pouring the love of Christ into me and my brother’s lives in the best ways they can.
Music has and always will be a passion in my life. Ever since the age of 11, I have been obsessed with learning and growing as a musician. In both the greatest and lowest points of my life, I have always found comfort in music. That comfort was found in playing guitar and drums, producing music for myself or others and listening and learning from others who I respected and looked up to. I know for certain, no matter where God takes me, music will be a big part of my life.
I began taking music seriously when I first took lessons from Chris Brink at the age of 11. Later on, I switched to playing guitar and drums and took lessons here at Rooted. Rooted was always supportive of my interests and the ones who coached me are still in my lives to this day.
As a recently graduated 19 year old, I am both thrilled and thankful to have the opportunity to pour into others the way my coaches poured into me.