Carly Burruss

Piano Coach

I’m a country artist, songwriter, and worship leader from Cumming, Georgia. I began piano lessons at the age of seven, often playing piano at the church I attended with my family and continued on through senior year of high school. At that point, I switched gears and taught myself guitar, began vocal lessons, and dove into the world of songwriting. A kids worship leading opportunity opened at Browns Bridge Community Church, and I stepped into that role for two years. I’m now part of the Passion City Church family where I’ve been leading for four and a half years.
Now with a five-year country music career and six years of leading worship under my belt, I have a handle on composition, music theory, and playing with a band. All the lessons I took as a kid and musical opportunities I’ve said yes to over the past several years have equipped me to be a knowledgeable and engaging teacher!
One of the greatest joys in my life is to share the love of music God placed in my heart with my students. My favorite part of coaching at Rooted is to see their confidence rise as they learn their favorite songs and write their own. Being part of the Rooted family is truly a gift, and I’m thankful for the opportunity to help my students learn and grow to their full potential!