Abbey Cash

Abbey Cash

Studio Assistant / Social Media Manager

As far back as I can remember I have always been completely wrapped in music. I grew up in a home where it was simply present at all times. Whether I was involved in choirs, singing in talent shows, or choosing radio or background music, music was always heard, played or sung in my family’s home. 

Over the past few years, I’ve grown my experience in church music and the business world. At Lee University, I gained my bachelor’s degree in Music Business with an emphasis in vocal music. In this atmosphere I found myself leading worship in the alternative chapel band while touring with The Lee Singers choir. I took vocal and piano lessons all throughout my college career, and studied classical and romantic music, jazz, jazz improv, Nashville Numbers, opera, blues, etc., all while studying business concepts as well. As I began to learn more and more about entrepreneurship and management, I worked with an event band, Young Hearts Music, as their booking manager, social media manager, and event coordinator for two years. Additionally, I finished my college career in an internship with Lee University’s U-Church series. In this internship, I helped to coordinate and host worship concerts with Lauren Daigle, Lee University’s Chapel Band, and Elevation Worship. 

Over the past year I have led worship at youth conferences, Free Chapel’s Gwinnett campus and youth services with my husband. I’ve also been diving into the photography and social media management world by helping to grow a local coffee shop, Caffe Bené, and promoting movies and their marketing through Allied Integrated Marketing. 

As you can see, I have somehow found myself around multiple mediums of entertainment (photography, media, movie promotions, event coordination, etc.). I don’t point these mediums out as a way of bragging or showing credentials. If anything, I want you to know that music can introduce you to multiple fields of entertainment. You don’t have to just write music or sing. Music can take you ANYWHERE. MUSIC IS A TOOL 

Music can set the mood of an event. It can describe a business. It can define history. Music can change the world. Music can change YOU. 

Growing up, I always wanted to be the headlining performer at festivals and concerts. I wanted to write music. I wanted to tour. I basically had the typical dream every kid has about being a rockstar. As I got older, I realized my talents were more equipped to make others’ dreams possible instead of my own. If anything, I came to realize that my dream isn’t in making music itself. My dream is to be an influencer: I want to help make music possible for YOU!! …It all starts here.