Alexis Dené

Voice Coach

In my family, music was a constant conversation; and I knew early on that it was one conversation I would never end. My father being a singer-songwriter, and my mother being a voice major, I had music in my bones. I grew up in a house that made God the center of everything, and my passion for music was solidified by the church. I quickly recognized that there was something bigger than the beautiful sounds of voices and instruments… It was the God factor that hooked me, entirely.

Fully committed to the “big picture” of my passion for music, I focused solely on choir and praise and worship. I started leading choirs by age 5, and by age 12 I was a part of World Changers Church International’s music ministry in College Park, GA. I began my professional career as a singer and vocal producer at age 12, and I began songwriting and vocal coaching at the age of 17. Through it all, the passion was still the same. God. With a broadened perspective on how far and wide this passion could stretch and positively affect people, I opened myself up to more than church. I believed that the only way the world could truly know Jesus was to go into the world, with a commitment to being the light. That is just what I did. I have worked with artists such as Fantasia, Joe, Tank, Kelly Price, Xscape, Ne-Yo, Monica, Mother’s Finest, Canton Jones, Jonathan Nelson, CeCe Winans, and Tasha Cobbs to name a few. I have also had the opportunity to work on television and awards shows. This is not only my passion, but proof that dedication to God will take you farther than you ever imagined you could go.

From storefront churches to mega churches, from corporate bands to touring, my heart is still bent toward the only one who could ever make this possible. I look forward to starting the conversation of music with you, and I excitedly anticipate where God takes you on your journey with music. Let’s journey together!